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5 Common Misconceptions About Door Repair The doors in your home or business provide a number of benefits from exterior doors that provides you home or business with the first line of security and keeps the rain and snow out of your building and provides a sound barrier from the noises outside to those interior doors that offers you privacy and also works as a sound barrier from the noises inside your home or business. However, like other parts of your home or business doors need to be repaired from time. While these repairs may be necessary there are some misconceptions about door repair and this article will discuss the 5 most misconceptions regarding having your door repairs.

  1. Maintenance Checks are Useless. It is recommend that you periodically do a maintenance check to all the doors in your home in business. However, many people believe that these checks are a waste of time and serve no real purpose. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Periodically checking your door can allow you to find problems like loose hinge screws and tighten them before the hinges of your door bends under the weight of your door and need to be replaced.
  2. Having a Door Professionally Repair is Expensive- Actually the cost of a door repair depends on what needs to be repaired. Some door repairs are actually quite inexpensive while others may be a bit more costly. However, if the door repair is difficult hiring a professional may actually save you money since a lot of DIY repairs results in mistakes that can be more costly than hiring a professional in the first place.
  3. Most Door Repairs Don’t Last- For some reason many people thing that any repair made to door won’t last and that the same repair needs to be done again and again. Nothing is further from the truth. A skilled door repairman can often repair a door so that you don’t even know that door that door ever needed to be repaired.
  4. A Repaired Door Will Never Be as Strong as a New Door- Most people assume that any type of repair to their door somehow makes the door weaker. However, while this may be true in some cases, it all depends on what repairs are needed and whether or not the person repairing the door knows what they are doing. Hiring a professional door repairman will give you the best chance of your door remaining strong.
  5. Having Your Door Repaired is Cheaper than Replacing the Door- Most people believe that having a door repaired is always cheaper than replacing the door. This may not always be the case. A badly damaged door may actually be more costly to repair than replacing the door would cost. A skilled and reputable door repairman can tell you whether repairing or replacing that door will be the most cost effective and allow you to make the decision as whether you prefer to have the door repaired or want it replaced.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Door Repair Just Call Us Now: (212) 776-1005

5 Common Misconceptions About Door Repair

5 Common Misconceptions About Door Repair

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