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7 Tips For Keeping Safe Near Commercial Doors Commercial door especially those used for industrial use can be extremely dangerous due to their size, speed they close and the powerful mechanism used for commercial use. These types of doors can cause injury or worse. Being aware of your surrounding and following proper protocol will go a long way in keeping you safe, but here are 7 tips that will help to keep you even safer.

  1. Never stand or walk under a commercial door when it is motion. A moving commercial door can weigh hundred if not a thousand pounds or more, so it is simply not worth the risk of trying to duck under the door or through the door when it is moving even if you are in a hurry. If you need to move something through the door, wait until the door has stopped moving and is either fully opened or fully closed before attempting to go through the door.
  2. Always raise commercial door all the way. Commercial doors have been known to roll closed when they have only been raise part way up. Making sure the door is all the way up will keep you safer than a partly raised door will. Most roll up doors are meant to be fully open or fully close. While a door may stay open part way, you can’t depend on it to do so.
  3. Don’t use an industrial door as an entrance or exit if it can be avoided. Most commercial businesses have a regular door which you can use to enter and exit the building so why not make use of that door instead of risking your safety to take a short cut into the shop or facility. While you see a lot of employees in car repair shops going in and out of the large shop doors, this really isn’t something that is advisable to do.
  4. Train Your Employees. There is no better way to keep an employee safe than to make sure they are trained. Failure to train your employees can result in an injury or death and long drawn out litigation for you and your company. Training new company employees in all aspects of shop safety including commercial door safety can reduce your liability if the worse is to happen.
  5. Keep Your Commercial Door Free of Obstructions. Some businesses sometimes place a barrel, or other object under a commercial door to keep it open or prevent it from closing all the way. Placing an obstruction in the way of a commercial door may cause the door to throw the obstruction object away from the door injuring one of your employees or a by stander, or the object could cause the door to come off the track leaving it to come crashing down on whatever happens to be in its path.
  6. Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks- Having your commercial door checked for signs of wear and tear can spot small problems before they become large costly and dangerous problems.
  7. Handle Repairs Immediately. If your commercial door is not functioning properly, get that door repaired immediately. Leaving the repairs go until later can result in more damage and create a dangerous situation for you and employees.

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7 Tips For Keeping Safe Near Commercial Doors Just Call Us Now:(212) 860-5411

7 Tips For Keeping Safe Near Commercial Doors

7 Tips For Keeping Safe Near Commercial Doors


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