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Difference Between Residential & Commercial Door Repair New York City – Unless you work in the door repair industry, most doors might look pretty much equal to you. But all doors are not created equal. Simply take a thorough look at your neighbor’s house, or the building around the block can tell you that. However, what many people don’t seem to realize is the drastic difference between residential and commercial door repairs. After all, regardless of the setting, all doors are meant to open and close for access and security. Although, the way that doors are created is different and so is the type of repairs due to several factors. Here’s a look at some of the things that make residential and commercial doors unique from one another:


Of course, even the smallest home uses doors that are properly built and safe. That is why there are building codes and permits for residential and commercial settings to ensure that for every repair or installation, a certain level of safety is maintained. However, commercial building have more traffic and therefore commercial doors must be able to withstand more abuse than your typical residential door.

Residential doors are only opened a few times per day, and they can wear out more quickly if used in a commercial building. Commercial doors, however, are designed to be used by many people and many times each day. They are able to withstand heavy usage while maintaining peak performance. Therefore, a commercial door’s integrity is far greater than that of a residential door.


Another main difference between commercial and residential doors is the cost in terms of initial cost, installation and repairs. There’s a significant value difference between commercial and residential doors. This is because one expects a high level of performance, commercial-level security or even customized doors when it comes to commercial doors. After all, commercial doors are created to not only withstand abuse but also stand the test of time. When looking for commercial door repair New York City services, do not cut corners; always work with a licensed company for expert commercial door repairs and services.

3.Different Materials

Much of a commercial door’s integrity and functionality is derived from the materials used. While wood is often the primary material in residential buildings, glass, aluminium and steel are often used in manufacturing commercial doors. This is partly because residential doors rely on cost-effective materials while commercial doors are made from sturdier and more resilient materials. When searching for commercial door repair services, it is imperative that you hire a company that has experience and equipment required to properly install and repair commercial doors. You don’t want to work with a company whose technicians are not adept at working with the type of materials used for commercial doors.

4.Size & Appearance Distinction

Size and appearance are perhaps the most obvious differences between residential and commercial doors. A home is meant to be comfortable safe and relaxing. Therefore, it’s only natural that residential doors would be smaller and have a more emotional and aesthetic appeal than commercial doors. The size of a commercial door will often be dictated by the building’s applications. For instance, if the door is needed for a commercial building on wall street, then a glass door would be the best fit. On the other hand, if the door is a part of a warehouse, then a steel door that will allow the passage of semi-trucks will be the best fit. Professional commercial door repair NYC will ensure that they consider what is going on inside a building during repairs and installations.

5.Timeline Of Completion

The other major difference between commercial and residential door repair services is the timeline of completion. When repairing or installing commercial doors, the manpower and time needed is extreme. While residential door repairs are pretty straightforward, the homeowner might not be in a rush and repairs can take longer. However, when it comes to a commercial building, the building owner(s) often want repairs to be done quickly since they don’t want the repairs to affect business operation.

Door repairs can often be narrowed down to a simple question: commercial or residential? While you might think that any door repair company can work in any setting, they can’t. A commercial door repair NYC contractor has the experience and skills that make them adept at commercial door repairs.

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Commercial Door Repair New York City

Commercial Door Repair New York City

Commercial Door Repair New York City
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