The coronavirus has put a stop to most people’s everyday routines in New York City. Many of us are practicing social distancing and following stay at home orders, but even during a pandemic people can still experience locksmith problems.

Yes, We Are Open

As it stands right now, Highgate Security & Locksmith will continue to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic. We always want our customers to feel safe calling us to resolve their locksmith problems in NYC.

In order to protect our customers and employees from being affected, we are doing our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus by washing our hands often, disinfecting touched objects and surfaces, and avoiding people who are sick. We are also advising our employees to stay home when they are sick, and we are encouraging them to seek medical care if necessary.

Information About Our Excellent Locksmith & Door Repair Services

Our NYC company is taking extra precaution during this coronavirus pandemic, but we are also performing all of our usual locksmith services.

Here are some of the locksmith services that we offer for a fair price.

-Commercial Door Repair: If your commercial door needs to be repaired, make sure that you call us to help. We can repair many different types of interior/exterior doors including French, glass, garage, and much more. We can’t wait to help you by performing a commercial door repair service soon.

-Security Camera Installation: Our extremely experienced NY technicians can install an extensive array of security cameras to provide homeowners and businesses peace of mind. The following are some security cameras that we can install: DVR security system, wireless security cameras, spy cameras, CCTV, night vision cameras, and day/night cameras.

-Lock Installation: We strongly believe that a locking system can provide the security that our NY customers need to protect their belongings. As a result, we specialize in providing a pad lock system to gates and doors to prevent robbery, sabotage, and theft. We can also perform a lock installation on an exterior door to a home or business, a residential or commercial office, and even certain belongings. The most common fire rated locks that we can install include pad locks, mortise lock, deadbolts, magnet locks, cylinder locks, and electronic deadbolt locks.

-Gate Installation: Our expert servicemen can install a wide variety of gates with the utmost care. These security options include window gates, wrought iron gates, electrical security gates, air conditioner gates, fire escape gates, and fence gates. We can provide gates for residential and commercial applications.

-Preventative Maintenance: We can provide our customers with preventative maintenance for several locksmith applications like gates, security cameras, locks, doors, and much more. The primary goal of our preventative maintenance service is to ensure that you always have the highest security standards on your fire rated components in NY.

We Offer Our Customers Fair Prices

Whether you need a commercial door repair, security camera installation, or any of our other incredible locksmith services, we promise to offer you the best prices on the market during this uncertain time.

Since we started this NYC locksmith company, we built a business on providing high quality performance and extremely fair pricing, and we intend to keep this same mindset now more than ever.

Trust Highgate Security & Locksmith During The Coronavirus Pandemic

At Highgate Security & Locksmith, our ultimate goal is to keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Always know that we are here for you.

Our company pride itself on still being open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We also offer 24/7 emergency service to assist you with any locksmith questions, problems, or concerns. Our experienced technicians can answer questions related to a commercial door repair, pad locks, security camera installation, and much more.

We provide our customers with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which is why our company is the preferred choice for people in New York City.

For more information about our exceptional, fire rated locksmith services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at +1 212-776-1005. Our company also provides potential customers with free estimates, so you have nothing to lose when you contact our storefront. Make sure that you also check out our website here:

Highgate Security & Locksmith is offering premium locksmith services throughout New York City in areas such as The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens, and Staten Island.

We look forward to protecting your home or business soon. Thank you for choosing Highgate Security & Locksmith.

Our company truly appreciate your business and patience as we serve you during the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s make a commitment to be safe and stay healthy together as we go through uncertain times.

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