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Commercial Door repair
Commercial Door repair

Sending out a locksmith for cars and a maintenance specialist for commercial door repairs is all in a day’s work at High Gate Security & Locksmith. Our services for businesses include installing and repairing industrial doors, Commercial Door repair Just Call Us Now: (212) 776-1005

Roll-Up Doors
Roll-up doors are common since they can be used to secure everything from airplanes to storefronts. Many ordinary consumers find the door types useful when securing valuables in a public storage space.

The various types of roll-up doors include:

The best attribute of roll-up doors is their low maintenance. You can go for many years without having to conduct major repairs on these types of barriers. Another benefit is their coiling abilities, which saves space. Roll-up doors have their place at the top of the doorway during business hours. They can easily be pulled down at closing time to secure the store.

Make no mistake, the flexibility of these doors does not indicate weakness. Roll-up doors have been known to suffer all sorts of abuse and remain in working order even when damaged. The equipment is ideal for business and house installation where big vehicles are in need of guarding when stored.

Overhead Doors
Overhead doors are popular in environments with low clearance or where insulation that leads to soundproofing is needed. The various types of overhead doors include:

Typical repairs for overhead doors include new rollers, hinges, slide locks, and tracks. Still, given the overall efficiency of these doors, such repairs are considered minor. Overhead doors can either be manual or motorized for convenience.

Hollow Metal and Wood Door
Hollow metal and wood doors are ideal for a business or house that needs a uniformed appeal. These doors are especially ideal in areas with harsh weather conditions since their makeup deters deterioration caused by the elements.

Hollow doors are often used to replace traditional wood doors in houses and come in the following forms:

These doors come with flexible installation options as you can opt to have customized insulation based on your house or company’s needs. Hollow doors are so durable that repairs are kept to a minimum. Still, the material serves as an excellent guard against intruders who would take your possessions in a heartbeat if not for a heavy door to discourage them.

Entrance and Glass Doors
Glass doors are the perfect addition to any house because of their stylish appeal. These door forms, however, sometimes attract the wrong kind of attention because they appear to give easy access to the residence.

With safety being paramount to the family, you should consider the following products:

Many homeowners choose the best of both world with glass designs that include wood and other materially not easily broken. Hardware that combats against violent weather may also be necessary to secure the structure.

Call us (212) 776-1005when you want security for your commercial building in New York City. We provide locksmith for cars as well as door installation services to meet your needs. You have enough to concern yourself with when it comes to attracting new clientele. Let us worry about the security of your edifice with doors that ward off criminal activity. Call us today (212) 776-1005 for a consultation!

Commercial Door repair Just Call Us Now: (212) 776-1005

Commercial Door repair
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Commercial Door repair
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If You Need A Commercial Door repair Just Call Us Now: (212) 776-1005

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