Everyone gives importance to the security of his or her own and their beloved ones and their belongings too. It is prior to all other needs and people like to be sure that their home, office and job sectors are secured. So the locking system has developed a lot to protect your home, office etc from unwanted robbery or theft.


Varieties of locking system have been developed for this purpose and cylinder lock is one of them. It is constructed with a specialized cylindrical chamber that can be easily unscrewed by a locksmith for maintenance and rekeying.


Three types of mechanisms are there for this kind of locking systems. A cylinder may contain any one of the three systems like pin tumbler lock, wafer tumbler lock and disk tumbler lock.


There are some advantages of this type of locks. First of all they can be easily unscrewed and the cylinder may be removed without altering the internal locking hardware. It can be obtained by unscrew one set of screw. The second advantage is that a single type of key can be used for different types ofcylinders from different manufacturers. This facilitates the user to get a master keyed system that canbe applied for various kinds of locks. Some of the standardized types of cylinders used in these locking systems include key in knob set cylinders, Ingersoll format cylinders, Scandinavian oval cylinders etc.


There are five types of cylinder locks viz. individually keyed system (KD) that is this kind of locks canonly be opened by an unique key. Keyed alike (KA) is a system that offers a single key that can be used for different locks. Master keyed (MK) system involves different keys for the different locks but there is one single key which can be employed for opening all of them. This kind of system can be employed in office or business purposes. Grandmaster keyed (GMK) accounts for the system that offers individual key for each lock but hey r divided into different groups and a master key is used for all the locks of each group and a grand master key is there for all the locks of different groups. This is ideally used in complex commercial sectors. And the last one is the common entrance suit (CES) or maison keying. It is employed in apartments where every apartment has its own individual key which will not open other apartments but can be used for the opening of the common entrance gate lock or community centers. The master key for all these is kept to the landlord.


One disadvantage of these locks is that it is vulnerable to the technique called cylinder snapping which take not more than one or two minutes.