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Door Installer in NY
Door Installer in NY

Interior doors are both barriers and fashion statements. The door to your room, when closed, tells guests to keep out but it also shows them how in tune you are with style and home decor. Choosing a door installer in NY from High Gate Security & Locksmith is the best way to put your best foot forward.

The Various Types of Doors
Interior doors come in the following forms:

Hinged Doors
These type of doors are your traditional structures that swing open and shut when activated. You can purchase hinged door-only structures or a pre-hung unit. Pre-hung doors are the best option when you want to make installation easy because they come with the frame already attached to the barrier. There is also the option of purchasing double pre-hung units, which consist of two doors that provide a more elegant appeal, or French doors that take your sense of style to the next level.

Sliding and Folding Doors
Sliding or folding doors are the perfect choices when you are looking to save space in your house while adding a touch of style. There is the sliding or bypass option, which involves two doors sliding past each other, or the bifold closet choice that come with narrow doors that fold up on a track when opened. Bi-fold closet doors are ultimate space savers since they operate off tracks, which eliminates the requirement of hinges.

Specialty Doors
Consider specialty doors when your focus is home decor. Options such as Barn, which hangs from an overhead track, and Pocket, which slides into a separate slot in the wall, save space all while showing guests that you are clearly in tune with your designer spirit.

You cannot have a house that exudes fashion without doors that are colored and framed perfectly. The color of your interior doors does not need to match when you are going for uniqueness. All of the structures should emit a theme through their color schemes that become evident to the visitor without you telling them the style that you were pursuing with the decorations.

Equally important in door installations is the frame. You want something that matches your home’s architectural design, which is also sturdy. Such is especially the case with exterior door installations. It makes little sense to have a door that is tough as nails connected to a weak frame. The average professional uses the same material for doors and frames to prevent faultiness.

The most important thing on your door installation “must-haves” list is privacy. Many homeowners choose glass to either serve as the main base of their structure or accentuate things. You should consider whether the barrier is guarding personal space such as bedrooms or bathrooms before deciding to use an all-glass surface. It is always in the safest instance to let glass accentuate a firm base such as wood or aluminum when the door installation is exterior. You do not want to give potential thieves the idea that you are vulnerable.


Noise canceling abilities, safety mechanisms, and a door that is environmentally friendly are central components to quality interior and exterior doors. Installing structures with hollow cores will give you the noise canceling attribute that adds to privacy between bedrooms. It is also important to choose a door that has low emissions, which means finding a base that does not contain high levels of formaldehyde. Safety is the number one factor in new door installation. Selecting a fire-rated door that can withstand at least an hour of intense heat is the best way to safeguard yourself against tragedy.

High Gate Security & Locksmith is your only option when you want a door installer in New York. All of our technicians are licensed and more than capable of satisfying your wishes. Call us today at (212) 776-1005 for a consultation and to schedule an appointment!

Door Installer in NY
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Door Installer in NY
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If You Need A Door Installer in NY Just Call Us Now:(212) 776-1005

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