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A door window is just the thing that you need to add style to your home. While many choose to have professional door installers in NYC modify their front and rear doors, it is possible to do the job yourself. Here are the steps to take when you want to add a window to your outside door, door installers NYC just call us today:(212) 776-1005

1. Have all of your materials in order

Door Installers NYC
Door Installers NYC

You need the following to conduct a window door installation:


You also need to select glass that does not compromise the security of your home. Windows made of durable material such as fiberglass or hard plastic make it difficult for intruders to break through and invade your residence. You should also solicit the help of a friend as removing and reinstalling a door is a two-person job.

2. Remove the door
Take the door off its hinges and set aside the screws for reinstallation. It is important that you do not misplace any components of the door that make connecting it with the hinges possible. Such loss could cost more money as you will need to replace the entire hinge unit if you lose a vital screw. Place the door flat on the saw horse.

3. Measure and mark the door
Measure the length of each side o the door and make your mark in the middle of the measurement. Such demarcation is where you will place your window. It is important that you align the glass so that it is centered and straight. It will be relatively difficult to make changes to the door once you have reattached the barrier to the structure. The best way to ensure accuracy is by carefully tracing the window with your pencil. You should also draw space that accommodates the frame of the glass.

4. Cut the hole for the window
It is important to carefully cut the frame and follow the tracing that you created in the previous step. Such is especially the case if you are installing a circular window. The glass will not fit in the hole if you do not make smooth and accurate cuts. It is not necessary to completely cut out the tracing for a square or rectangular shaped window. Discard the leftover material and inspect the door to ensure that the cutout is accurate.

5. Install the window and reattach the door
Your window should have a snug fit in the hole that you created. The material should not move when pressed, and you definitely should not feel the need to shave the edges around the glass for positive results significantly. Solicit the assistance of a friend when reattaching the door to its hinges. Make sure that the screws are properly aligned so that you avoid the lop-sided effect that comes when you fail to reconnect the proficiently.

Of course, you can conduct window door installation on your own. It would be better, however, to hire door installers NYC. The last thing that you want is to make your home a breeding ground for thieves because you failed to do a proper window installation.

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door installers NYC just call us now:(212) 776-1005

Door Installers NYC
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Door Installers NYC
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A door window is just the thing that you need to add style to your home. While many choose to have professional door installers in NYC.

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