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Door Repair NYC
Door Repair NYC

One of the most used components of your house is the door. Visitors enter and exit through the doorway throughout the day, which inevitably leads to wear and tear. Such is especially true of homeowners with older houses with doors that have experienced decades of abuse from previous residents. Such is the reason for professional door repair NYC, Door Repair NYC just call us now today:(212) 776-1005

In many instances, renovation is cheaper that full-on replacement. Finding a door that meets your style needs is the half the battle during the installation process. You also need to understand the essentials of hanging a door if you plan to complete the job yourself or hire a professional to do the task for you. In both cases, you are using time and resources that may not be necessary.

Consider hiring a professional for door repair services in NYC when:


Just as a locksmith for cars is needed for keys locked inside of the vehicle, you need professional door repair services when your home is compromised due to faulty equipment. There are numerous benefits to hiring a company such as High Gate Security & Locksmith (212) 776-1005to do the dirty work of door repair NYC.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Door Repairman
Most companies with skilled workers are so confident in their employees’ abilities that they guarantee their work with a limited warranty. Such assurance gives you peace of mind in knowing that the company will cover any failures related to repairs. You don’t get that type of insurance when you do the work yourself.

Having doors in proper working order comes with many benefits that include lower energy bills. Doors with cracks and gaps lead to poor sealing around the overall frame. Such openness leads to air infiltration, which inevitably forces you to leave the heater or cooling system on for long periods during the day or night. Having a repairman fix the cracks and seal the gaps can drastically reduce your utility bills with results that you may be able to see within a month’s time.

Wood Door Repair NYC
Wood doors are most common among homeowners because of their cost effectiveness. Unfortunately, these types of doors are also those most prone to failure. The most common types of wood damage include:

All of the above conditions are fixable with a bit of renovation.

Wood Rot
Rot damage is often found near the bottom edge of wood doors where storm water doesn’t always drain. Restoring doors with such mutilation requires removal of the deteriorated part. It is nearly impossible to remove all damage caused by rot without taking the door off its hinges and probing the decayed area with an icepick. The goal is to get all of the rot so that it doesn’t spread to portions of the door that are usable. A professional will typically assess how much of the door is still operable and provide a quote based on materials needed for the job and the amount of labor it will take to complete restoration.

Weather Damage
Weather damage is common in New York especially during winter when snow levels rise. A professional repairer will analyze the extent of harm and determine the best course of action to take in fixing the problem.

Damage Due to Sunlight
The sun’s rays wreak havoc on wood finishes. Such is the reason why it becomes necessary to repair the exterior portion of the entry door on your house now and then. Maintenance specialists usually begin the process by removing the worn finish and replacing it with new substance. Clear finishes fail more often because of the sun’s ability to melt the material. Hiring a professional door repairer during the beginning stages of deterioration is an excellent way to prevent severe damage to the door.

We are your licensed and insured locksmith and door repair service in New York. We bring our years of experience and passion about door renovation to the table every time to deliver stellar results. Call us today (212) 776-1005to schedule a consultation!

Door Repair NYC
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Door Repair NYC
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