Highgate Security and Locksmith, NY offers DVR system that can record ‘n’ number of data which can be further easily copied to CD or DVD for use.  Click on image and get more information on DVR systems.

DVR Security System under Doors
Security, nowadays, indeed has to be multiple layered. Not just surveillance cameras but to ensure the security system DVR Security System under Doors in most essential. Homes are not just safe with DVR security system under doors, they stand very essential as a full proof security system.
A very innovative integrated security system, DVR security system under doors are very technically sound. This security alarm is set beneath the door and is hence in complete oblivion to the anybody. It is set at such an angle that it catches every footage of the entrance of your house. It has a monitor set inside your house and hence you are able to see who is at the door not even coming at the door. This is umber safe.
Security is at risk and hence it has to be seen minutely. DVR security system under doors can be set under any door material, be it glass or wood. It is powered through battery and hence the job of recharging on time should be done on time otherwise it could be so that when most needed your security system miserably crashes. Also, the security system should be bought from an authenticated shop which provides both warranty and guaranty along with monthly check-ups and customer troubleshoot any moment. Here stands the importance of Locksmith as they are professional and always at customer service, 24*7. A relentless effort towards your security.
DVR security system under the doors are needed because it is hugely unsafe to come down and open the door and tiring too, and therefore it not only saves your time but also keeps you safe. If there is someone unwarranted at the door who is not even answering his identity, you know it before hand and if needed, you can inform the police.