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Facts About Exterior Door Installation & Repair

Exterior doors are important aspects of any home. They make the home look nicer, they help keep the entrance ways insulated, and they protect us and our valuables. If you ever plan to sell your home, then you will likely learn that exterior aesthetics play a key role in making a good first impression. Here we will take a look at some important facts about exterior door installation & repair.

Can I Install An Exterior Door Myself?

It is unfortunate but there are a lot of online sources that present themselves as experienced professionals and they give advice on installing exterior doors that is often ill-advised. One of the things that some of these websites suggest is that an average person can install the door on their own. Although there is certainly some handyman or do it yourself homeowner who would be capable of doing the job right, most cannot.

There are so many factors involved with the correct installation of an exterior door that an average person simply isn’t going to be aware of. Even fairly new homes have settling that occurs that requires the installation to be custom. If someone fails to understand how to do this properly then they ’re going to experience problems not only when installing it but also with the ongoing functionality of the door itself.

For most situations, an exterior door will need to be replaced with a door that is prehung from the manufacturer. This helps the door fit snugly within its frame. One of the things that make doors tricky to install are the three dimensions required for it to swing open and for it to lock correctly. It takes more skill than it may first appear to utilize these levels and to install the door within the existing opening.

Exterior Door Installation & Repair

Facts About The Cost Of Exterior Door Installation & Repair

When considering the overall cost of exterior door installation & repair, it’s always important to remember that when it’s done professionally by a reputable company, then it will almost always be cheaper in the long run even if it cost a little bit more at first. This means that trying to cut corners and save money will likely cost you in a door that doesn’t function as well and is less able to close and lock in a manner that protects the people and contents within the home. It also means that you’re likely to lose money on heating and cooling cost and you may well end up replacing the door or having to repair it sooner because it wasn’t installed correctly, to begin with.

When price comparing it’ll be important to understand that in many cases the cost of installing the door will be very similar regardless of the type of material used. Doors can come in the form of wood, steel, and fiberglass, and the door itself will vary in price. But in most situations, the cost of installing will be very similar because it involves much of the same process. There may be some situations where special security is required and this can also raise the cost. Typically an installation can run anywhere from around $1,200 and up from there.

The cost of having an exterior door professionally repaired will be dependent on the type of repair needed. Some repairs can be quite small and insignificant while others will be more substantial. Getting a reputable company to take a look will not only give you a chance to get an estimate on the cost but also compare whether or not the cost of repair would make replacing the exterior door more practical or not.

Exterior Door Installation & Repair

Types Of Exterior Doors

Many people might believe that the steel doors are some of the strongest available and therefore the best value. The fact is that each type of door has its own good and bad points. Steel doors can often be a good quick fix and an inexpensive way to replace a worn-out door for a homeowner who is selling the house. The biggest issue with this type of door is that some say it doesn’t hold up against the weather as well as wood and fiberglass doors do.

The steel doors are said by some to be a lower-end product that builders use as a way to reduce their costs. If they are installed on higher-end homes, then it is usually seen as a poor reflection on the builder. Fiberglass and wood doors are seen as being a better quality choice and a door that will withstand the test of time. They also can come in a wide range of colors, designs, and features.

After Getting An Exterior Door Installation & Repair How Can I Maintain It?

Proper maintenance for a newly-installed or repaired door is something that many homeowners struggle with. Every door, regardless of what material it’s made of, has some wood that is used to help the door itself fit snugly within its frame. A quarter inch strip of wood is used to wrap the different sides of the door and these should be painted to help them so they don’t swell when they get wet and to prevent the wood from rotting. If this is not done it can cause the door to fail more quickly and that will ultimately cost you money.

Some homeowners request to do this themselves after the door has been professionally installed. But some installation companies have found that the homeowners then put this task off and ultimately had the service come back out and do it for them later. It’s far better to go ahead and have it done as soon as the door is installed. This will help keep the door in good condition and reduce overall maintenance requirements.

Whenever getting an exterior door installed or getting it repaired, make sure to use a reputable service company. This will mean that you get the installation and repair done correctly the first time and it also means that, should you need service in the future, you can get it from the same company that did the installation or repair. When done right, the exterior door will be an asset to your home that saves you money, adds to the aesthetics of the home, and keeps you safe.

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