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Glass Doors.
Glass Doors are very trendy, a today’s in thing. They are what you call the ‘in-thing’. Glass doors are a huge hit abroad, and today, India too has started uses glass doors. Earlier glass doors were primarily used in shops, but today, houses too prefer glass doors.
Glass doors are now used both as interior and exterior doors. The glasses are generally made up of fibre glass and are hence unbreakable and have inner and outer lock facilities generally. These are sliding doors and look almost like wall cabinets.
If you are thinking of having glass doors for your house, pent house or apartment, this has to be well coordinated with two things- a) your house paint and b) perfect selection of glass material. In case of the former clause, it is so that glass doors are elegantly urban and hence you should paint your room accordingly. Say, if you have installed a glass door as your bedroom gateway, and, your bed is right in front the door, you can paint your wall in designs such as bricks or ‘okra’ etc; it hits the eye each time to enter your bedroom. Innovative.
In case of the later clause, one should check that the clause is if not opaque but is at least translucent because it is advisable not to opt for transparent glasses as they not only hamper your privacy but also are unsafe. Also, the glass material should be thick, unbreakable and double quoted. A thin and flimsy glass is not even advisable for your interior doors, let go the exterior ones.
If you have your abode placed in the midst of hills, greenery, flora and fauna, or is sea facing- glass doors are the best options because they make you feel as if it the horizon where you dwell. Ethereal.