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In earlier days, intercom systems were used for simple communications purposes in buildings, offices, and multi-family homes.  Today’s home security system intercoms allow you to speak to your visitor, view your lobby to ensure no one uninvited is gaining access to the building, then of course you can buzz in your visitor.  Furthermore, you can view the elevator from the same monitor as well as unlock your floor button in order to grant someone access to your floor.  The technology behind home security systems is evolving rapidly and today, the sky is the limit when it comes to system integration.  With new technology, wireless alarm systems are much more user friendly than they used to be, so those customers who are intimidated by such high-tech systems need not fear.  Our installers will also be pleased to spend extra time with you giving you an in-person tutorial, ensuring that you know how to use your system completely before they leave.  Finally, for those customers who have a need for a motion-detection alarm system but are concerned about the family pet’s impact on such a system, never fear.  Highgate has the ability to bring you a motion-sensitive alarm system which contains pet immunity; it knows the size, shape, and motion patterns of your pet and will ignore those corresponding motions.



Bring your project to life with Highgate.  Our alarm and intercom specialists are knowledgeable with all manufacturers in the market and are also factory trained and certified for high-end audio/video intercom equipment.  Unlike other service providers, Highgate Security and Locksmith technicians are employed by us, not contractors, and are therefore all professionals in the security systems installation and service field.  Highgate provides central station monitoring on a yearly basis, not the standard 5-year contracts frequently given by other leading alarm companies.

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