What to do when locked out of from your car? Just call us now: (212) 860-5411 and you are just one call away from opening your car.

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locked out of car
locked out of car

Being locked out of the car and having locked keys in the car is a truly frustrating experience. Whatever the reason for not having your keys, we understand you need access to your vehicle; whether it’s to get to your office, your house or run an errand.

Here are a few things you can try when unlocking a car;

• The first step is to check the vehicle. Thoroughly check all doors in the event one of one of the doors might be open.

• Do the same with the trunk since you might be able to enter your car through the trunk. With some cars, you can enter through the back seat which is an available option when you are stranded. There is a panel between the back seat that opens when you push it from the trunk; so check whether the trunk is open.

• There is a service which works by opening your automobile remotely to unlock the car. Find out whether your coverage includes this service. You can dial (212) 860-5411 for a mobile locksmith, and we can let you know how to check for this.

• You can try open the car yourself to unlock the car. If you have a post lock, this option might work.

Using string or a shoe lace

• Check whether you have shoelaces or if you are right outside your house, you can check for a thin rope in your home. It should be slim enough to fit between the car door and the frame. With the string, make a large slip knot at the center of the lace or string. Use the end of the shoe lace and push it into the hole, making sure the end is facing you. Put your thumb and forefinger on the fold and using the tail end, put it back through the hole you just made. Apply pressure to the right of the loop and pull the two parts from each other, creating one loop. Pull the left side to contract it, check if it can expand by putting your finger in the loop to make it wider.

• With this looped string, slide the shoe lace between the doors and the frame. Push the string forward and try to catch the lock in the loop. Once you do, pull the loop to close it and put the lock up which should open the lock.

Using a coat hanger or a thin, foldable metal rod

• If using a string doesn’t appeal to you, then try using a metal coat hanger. In case you aren’t near your house, try requesting a nearby Laundromat for one. Straighten the hanger first and bend the hook to make a ‘V’ shape. Slip the ‘V’ part first, between the frame and the door. Try to clinch the lock using the bend and pull it first in your direction then try pulling it upwards. The act of pulling it towards you creates grip to align the cylinders.

• Keep doing this to unlock the car.

• You can try this with any thin, bendable metal rod. It needs to be firm enough to be able to pull the lock.

Making a Slim Jim (may damage your car if done incorrectly)

For post locks

• With a coat hanger, leave the hook untouched and straighten out the metal
• Make a deep ‘V’ shape about the size of your little finger
• Slip the bent part between the window and the weather stripping.
• Turn the direction of the bend so that the hook is facing the car’s interior then move the hanger along the window until the lock moves
• You will then see which part of the door to control to move the car lock. Once you do, begin to pull the rod upwards. Adjust the metal rod as often as needed to get it done.
• This action should hoist the car lock up until you unlock the car.
For push/sliding locks

• Straighten out the hanger first. Bend the hanger in a way that allows you to be able to push or slide the lock. As an alternative, you can use a wedge or a screw-driver, both tools are likely to dent your car when trying to unlock it.
• Place a few bends on the now straightened hanger; it will help you reach under the door arm-rest
• Slip the metal between the door frame and the door. You might not be able to see what works so you can ask someone to guide you from the opposite door.
• You might need to either press or slide the lock based on its mechanism so keep trying until you unlock the car.
Buy tools to help you unlock your doors

Some of the items you might need are a wedge or a screwdriver. A rubber or air wedge is ideal for auto locks, and you can find them at any house improvement store. You can also use a door stop made of hard rubber. A hammer comes in handy, and a screwdriver can also be used to wedge the door.

The probe should be long and slender. If it’s weak, you might need to bend it to strengthen the ends. Adjust it to suit your requirements.

A plastic strap works best on a car lock. It should be thin enough to slip between the door frame and the door and should be quite long. Buy a piece of sand paper and put it in the middle of the fold, it will help give better friction.

Be sure to have someone check your car for you if the keys are locked in your vehicle, make sure you have someone watching it. Or you can dial (212) 860-5411, and we will be right there to assist with a lock change and offer car lockout service.

We service a range of vehicles such as Buick, Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Infiniti, Isuzu, Chrysler, and Dodge. We also service GMC, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, and Toyota.

Call our office today on (212) 860-5411 to prevent lock out, and we can help you gain entry to your vehicle, car lock, assist with replacement car keys and offer car lockout service.


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What to do when locked out of form your car? Just call us now: (212) 860-5411 and you are just one call away from opening your car

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