It is important to each of us to protect our beloved ones form any kind of disturbances or security problems and make it safe that our belongings remain secure at our home when we are not there.A locking system very much needed for the safety of us and our belongings from the theft or anykind of harassment. Magnetic lock is a common item for this purpose. It is a locking system that useselectromagnetic property of some metals to maintain the locking system.

Electromagnetic locks are very useful system as it requires no attention of manual locking of the doors.It automatically locks the door. It uses an electromagnet ad an armature plate. The electromagnet is attached to the door and the armature plate is attached to the frame of the door. An electric current passing through the electro magnet attracts the armature plate and keeps the door shut.

Magnetic locks are designed in late sixties for initial installation at the doors of Montreal forum.

The principle behind the arrangement and operation of magnetic door locks are the use of electromagnetism for the locking of the doors. It should be noted that the electromagnetic lock and the armature plate should be placed face to face for the achievement of optimal operational benefits.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of magnetic door locks. First of all talking for the advantages we should note that the installation of these locks is very and requires fewer efforts.

These types of locking system are very useful for unlocking at emergency conditions. It only requires a electricity cut to unlock and open the doors etc. so if any accidental occurrence take place it is easy to escape through a door where magnetic locks are employed than other types of locks. That is why this type of lock is commonly used at the doors of fire escape or front or back doors which can be used as emergency escape. There are certain disadvantages also. As the magnetic lock requires continuous electricity, if any kind of power cut or else may unlock the door and another point of view is that this locks typically requires about three watt power but in some specialized designed locks where light bulbs are used for the assurance of lock and security it may requires up to sixty watt. This type of locks is typically very much useful as per fire safety.

The installation of this lock is very easy. It can be mounted on the surface of the door and it is installed on the inner surface of the door. It is suitable for both the in-swing and out-swings doors. A twelve volt DC current is the primary requirement for this lock.