Mortise or mortice means a pocket. As the name suggests this kind of lock requires a pocket cut into the door or elsewhere where it is to be installed. This can be installed at door for door safety or any kind of furniture like wardrobe, box bedding etc into which a lock is to be fitted. Mostly these locks are found in old buildings in most part of the world. This is because this is primitive to the bored cylinder lock system.

But now these locks are spreading worldwide at commercial markets and new or old aged buildings. They are also used for domestic purposes to lock all ages of properties.

To install a mortis lock one have to cut a part of the door out of it. The cut out part should equal in size and shape as the lock body as this lock body is to be inserted into that hole made by cutting the part that is the mortise cut out. Another part of the mortise lock is the lock trim. This may be selected from a variety of designed doorknobs or levers etc. It is the part that holds the locking lever part and the handle and knob of the lock. There is another part of the lock. This is lock strike plate. This plate has to be installed on the frame of the door. It is required for the lining of the hole in which the lock shackle or lever may insert at locked position. the cylindrical body participate in the locking or unlocking processes.

Many of the mortise lock used at present does not contain the cylinder but it uses the lever mechanism for locking or unlocking purposes.

The installation part of the mortise lock is not a easy job for normal housekeeper. Because it is job for typical woodworker or carpenter. It is a labor intensive work. It requires a basic knowledge ofwoodworker instruments and tools and mechanisms. It is very hard for the house keeper to it himself.

The installation of the lock body may be including the use of a specialized cutter named mortising jig. This instrument makes a precise pocket in the door for the lock body making it easy but the subsequent installation f the lock trim requires an experienced hand of work.

Although the cutting of pocket inside the door and frame for the lock body and the trim or the strike plate may weaken the frame work but it is far more hard and working than the other locking system. It is safe to have a mortise lock in the front door for the safety of you and your family.