All of us give the top most priority to the security of our beloved ones, relatives, house, office or other belongings. So we prefer a locking system to make it secure. For this purpose a better option is the pad lock system. It is very useful locking device that can be applied to gates, doors etc. anywhere any time it can be installed. This pad locks are used to defend any kind of sabotage, theft, robbery etc.

This lock can be carried in hand and can be used where it is necessary. The known evidence of existence of earliest padlocks was in Roman era and these were known among the merchants who used to travel through the trade routes of Asia and China. The use of a spring in this locking system was introduced in England around eight hundred BC.

The padlocks, now used at present, are composed of a shackle, a body. the shackle is the locking mechanism that is specially designed so that it encompasses what is to be secured with the lock. It is mainly a “u” shaped metal loop. It may be spherical or square in cross section. It is quite general in old or modern age padlocks the shackle swings out the lock body but there is also another mechanism that uses the sliding of the shackle out of the lock body when it is in unlocked position. Usually the shackles that are designed for padlocks are more often include straight, flexible or circular shackle. There are some shackles also that split apart to lock and come together to unlock.

According to the locking mechanism the padlocks are of two types mainly. First of all they may be integrated. In this design the locking mechanism directly involves the shackle with the tumblers.Rotating disks like padlocks are of this type. They include a disk that can be rotated by the entrance of the specific key and enters a notch cut into the shackle blocking its movement. Lever tumbler may also be referred as an example of this type of padlocks. The design of padlock with integrated locking mechanism does not allow it to open or disassembly the body of the lock.

The modular mechanism is more modern than the integrated. It does not employ the tumbler for locking the shackle. Instead of this it they contain a plug within a cylinder. Only with the correct key, it turns and allows the locking dog mechanism retracting from the notches cut into the shackle. A very useful thing about these padlocks that is they can be disassembled for servicing. It is often self locking system that is the key is not needed when locking but only to unlock the lock.