New York Home Security Cameras, CCTV, Security Systems NY

Check out each section and browse a vast variety of security cameras. Each camera is unique with enormous facilities that provide ultimate security services. Browse entire website for night cameras, CCTVs, spy cameras etc. Highgate Security and Locksmith, NY offers wide range of cameras along with installations.


We present the extreme range of reliable CCTV systems that are easily installable at any corner of house or office. CCTVs are tremendously popular especially for security reasons. One can view NY installed CCTV in Manhattan location.

Day And Night Cameras

Highgate Security and Locksmith Company offer day/night cameras with technology of auto switching. All cameras deal with vast features to give unambiguous visibility during day and night time especially when comprehensive surveillance is required by camera.

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision Camera holds a vital position among security cameras as it successfully accomplishes the goal of entire supervision during such times when owner is away or asleep.

Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras especially wireless ones are designed to offer superb safety with latest technology. Qualified and certified security experts are there to install security camera.

Spy Cameras

When it comes to spying mission, spy cameras from Highgate Security and Locksmith are considered extremely helpful for such instances as they can be easily hidden anywhere such as in any general home appliance.

DVR Security System

Highgate Security and Locksmith, NY offers DVR system that can record ‘n’ number of data which can be further easily copied to CD or DVD for use.  Click on image and get more information on DVR systems.

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