These days there is a trend of having decorative window barriers, child safety window guards,child protection bars and wrought iron gates. Window gates are also known as security screensand these are constructed in many styles to fill each design of windows. Mostly window guardsare used to cover single sized windows. Some windows are simple and some are stylish andornate therefore gates for them are also decorative and trendy. These window guards aremade from steel, wrought iron or plastic with exotic shapes and styles. According to the shapeand texture of windows these screens can be detachable or permanent.

These window gates are used to prevent accidental fateful falls from these windows andprovide protection for kids. In high buildings and apartments window guards are used toprevent falls where young kids and pets live. Windows can be opened by a slight knock butwindow gates are mainly designed for security purpose for all types of windows whether theyhave sliding doors or double-hung. These gates add ornamentation to apartment’s exterior andresembles to the railing of balconies. These window security bars are made up of steel, iron,aluminum decorated with wooden frames in different shades and design.

Window gates provide security for those people who don’t have installed any other securitysystem or alarm system. Window gates are constructed of very heavy steel and can act ashindrance for burglars. Window gates are available in the market with different shapes likecurved window gates, flat window gate, front door gates, standard window gate and decorativewindow gate. These gates are manufactured according to your taste and choice. Theseimproved lock-able screen gates seem stylish and trendy with ornamental iron designs. You cango out without any worry about your kids. There is a wide variety of companies that can serveyou with ideal window gates.

Many companies that deal in steel, plastic and iron are offering these security screens withtrendy looks and contrasts. High gate security and locksmith is one of the leading Companyof NY. We deal in security screen doors, storm doors, window gates and wrought iron gates,iron entry doors, pool and view fence, spiral staircases and steel window guards. Our basicaim is satisfaction and security of our customer. We are working since last ten years and areenjoying an honorable place in the society. Our skilled workers design gates according to thespecification of customer.